Red Dragon Tavern

Red Dragon Tavern

After tense negotiations with Captain Kalaes and learning lots of information about the crown from Gydd you decide to relax a bit and grab a bite to eat at a local tavern. The tavern is loud and bustling and the beer is flowing

While you sit and enjoy your meal and drink in silence, the ruckus around you is dulled out by your thoughts of the past few days and weeks. How things have changed in such a short time. People are trying to kill you over some old necklace, a being named Chemosh offered Mathas aid in his quest. Tor has a new suit of flesh grafted to his. You discovered a piece of the Ashen crown lost for millennia and now your aid has been requested in finding the rest.

Where ever your thoughts lie, they are interrupted by a half a dozen elves dressed in tribal leathers, with braided hair enter the tavern and then behind them enters a golden haired elven female. They stop for a moment and scan the tavern, and the largest of the males looks in your direction and then nods to the female. They move towards your table with purpose and the large male out in front. He reaches out and pats Vralwyn on the shoulder.

Large Male elf (in elven): Why do you associate with these…

(The large male pauses and then spits)

Large Male elf (in elven): with these heathens? Come sit with your own kind.

(The large elf glares at Grayos)

Grayos: …What? Do I have a bit of mutton on my face?

(Tor stands slowly as to not project a threatening stance. It’s obvious that the elves don’t like them …you don’t need to speak the language to see that. However after the negotiations tempers are flared in the group and this is just the distraction ones needs to bring the team together)

Tor: There is no need to be insulting. Please join us, any brethren of Vralwyn is welcome at our table.

(Tor extends a hand in welcome to the “Large Male Elf” but is actually keeping peripheral eye on the female with whom he noticed, is possibly the one really in charge here.)

Tor: What is it you drink? The first round is on us.

Grayos: Indeed, you all have perchance encountered the single most jovial and plucky group ever to enter these tavern doors. By all means, come, sit, first round is indeed on Tor, er, us… Though I must say, I can’t really attest to understanding elvish, so if you just said “let’s slit their throats” I imagine I’ll refrain from buying the mead.

(Tor cocks an eyebrow at Grayos. He indeed has an odd sense of humor in the face of uneven odds. It’s kind of refreshing. Tor signals for the barmaid.)

Tor: And what will you all be drinking tonight?

(Vralwyn glares at the hand on his shoulder and then turns his head to look up at the giant elf it belongs to.)

Vralwyn (in Elvish): You do my companions a disservice, brother. They may not be of the blood, but they have shed it honorably enough in my defense.

Vralwyn (in Common): Why don’t you do as my friend asks and share a drink …

(Vralwyn notices the golden-haired elf woman.)

Vralwyn (in Common): … while I discuss matters with your mistress.

(Vralwyn looks expectantly at the elf.)

(The large elf knocks Tor’s hand away and growls at Tor)

Large elf (in common): If I had wanted to speak with you shifter I would have addresses you.

(The large elf continues to glare at Grayos)

Large elf (in common): and if I wanted to slit your throat demon I would have done so without asking.

(The elf begins to unsheathe his blade, and the woman places her hand on his shoulder, stopping him from raising his blade)

Female elf (in elven): Brother! Stop, your behavior is unacceptable. Let me handle this.
(She steps in front of the large elf, who continues to glare at Grayos. She curtsies to the group.)

(Tor takes in a deep breath after having his hand slapped away …odd …why can’t he smell her?)

Female elf (in common): Please forgive my brother he is about as diplomatic and graceful as a Macetail Behemouth. Please accept my apologies on his behalf. We will of course graciously accept your offer of drinks but decline your invitation to join you.

(She shoos the other elves away and they head to another table. Her brother is more reluctant but eventually moves away hand still on his blade)

Large elf (mumbles in common): cavorting with demons nonetheless.

Female Elf (in common): thank you very much for your generous offer. Would it be possible to speak with you in private Vralwyn?

(Grayos smirks)

Grayos: I certainly have no problem with it. By all means, Ser Vralwyn, we shall bide our time pleasantly enough right here. Though may I suggest not taking Too long, I mean, I’d hate for you to miss out on a bar brawl.

(Grayos turns to the glaring elf, raises his glass to him, still smiling, then turns to cheer to Tor)

Grayos: Well, here’s to impending violence beset by racial tensions, hooray!

Tor (to the Barmaid): See to that table of fine elves and bring the bill to …the demon. (Tor says with a smile pointing at Grayos.)

(Tor bows to the female elf and sits down.)

(Grayos chuckles)

Grayos: Alright Tor, I see how this will play out. I will remember this, shifter. Just remember who does the math when it comes to dividing our loot.

Tor: It gets divided?

Grayos:… No.

(Vralwyn nods in assent to the woman’s request and stands up to follow her. He regards Grayos and shakes his head in wonder.)

Vralwyn (in Common): You don’t lack for courage today Grayos, but then I know what kind of nightmare you can be when you want to.

(He motions to the woman to lead the way.)

Vralwyn (in Elvish): Our wolves may quarrel while determine which of us is to lead.

(She nods to the rest of the group)

*Female Elf (in common): *do not fear I’ll only take a moment of his time.

(she looks at Vralwyn)

Female elf (in elven): Follow me young pup.

(She grabs Vralwyns hand and leads Vralwyn to another table away from the group as well as her companions. She sits down and places her hands on top of Vralwyns)

Female elf (in elven): how rude of me. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Krysthanthia, you may call me Krys. It has come to my attention that you and your companions have recovered a fragment of Liryana’tani? Is this true?

(Vralwyn looks down at her hand over his and smiles. He looks into her eyes.)

Vralwyn (in Elvish): May the ancestors smile upon you, Krys. I am no historian, but I believe the fragment we recovered was added after the Liryana’tani’s construction. I have been told it is a sword of Goblin origin renown for it’s properties against the denizens of Xoriat. What can you tell me of the Liryana’tani?

(Tor looks over at Vralwryn’s table the back to the “angry” elves table. His ears twitching but frustration on his face.)

Tor: I knew I should have learned elvish…

Grayos: You know, Tor, you’ve got a point. I dislike being left entirely out of the loop… Especially when I’m getting the “come and lay with me” eyes from the gentle elf over yonder. I’ll be right back…

(Grayos goes to the lavatory to cast Comprehend Languages for elvish. He knows he can’t cast it with enough expertise to speak fluently, but at least he’ll be able to understand when his life is being threatened)

(Krys smiles at Vralwryn and keeps her hands on his hands)

Krys (in elven): know much about the crown. Just a few stories about great elven men that wore it. That it was not a powerful weapon but allowed strong rulers the ability to speak with their ancestors and bring powerful warriors back from the brink of death.
What I do know Vralwyn, is that the elf that recovers the crown and brings it back to Valenar will be hailed a hero and revered by many. Such a man might lead Valenar to greatness.

(Krys brushes Vralwyns hair from his face and looks him in the eyes)

Krys (in elven): it is true that you have recovered part of the crown then I believe that you are such a man.

(A few minutes after Grayos returns from the loo, the barmaids returns to your table and looks at Grayos)

Barmaid: Sir, the other table ordered our finest bottle of wine, it will be 50 gp to cover the tab. I’m going to have to ask you to pay up now sir. You understand.

(The large elf holds up a wine glass and looks at Grayos. He smiles and wolfs down the contents and then his entire table breaks out in raucous laughter)

(Tor openly laughs out loud and raises his mug to the elves)

Tor: Well played!

(Tor pauses a moment as in deep thought)

Tor: Yes, I agree our next leg in this adventure will be most interesting.

(Tor says to no one in particular)

(The barmaid stands beside Grayos waiting for payment.)

Barmaid: Sir?

*Grayos (says more to himself): *Indeed, well played. Who knew we’d actually be present in a bar that actually HAD something above 50 gp?

Grayos (to the bar maid): Here you are, and an extra gold for you for being such a tolerant barmaid.

(Grayos then observes the bar to see how crowded it is, the level of commotion all around, and how far away the elves are.)

Tor: What are you saying? (as he notes Grayos’ scanning of the room)

Grayos: What am I saying? Good shifter, I’m merely saying that the barmaid has been, and will be exceedingly tolerant… I hope_._

(Tor looks quizzically at Grayos, and realizes that he does that a lot.)

Tor: Not that, your comment about “who else” knew we had money for 50 gp worth of drink. Were you serious or jesting again?

(Tor then realizes that he is now scanning the room for eyes on them other than that of the elves.)

Grayos: Oh Tor, you’re ever the paranoid individual. I was indeed merely jesting. As it turns out, the past several taverns, pubs, and inns we’ve patronized have had little in the way of quality wine. So naturally when it comes down to it being at my expense, the establishment has something on tap for another patron. Rest assured, you may continue smiling at their joke… Its effects will not be long.

Tor: Oh …ok.

(Tor goes back to his drink, but can’t shake the feeling to keep a watchful eye out.)

(The barmaids curtsies in thanks and wanders away. A few moments later a a slender female dressed in tight leather enters the bar. She scans the bar quickly and heads to your table. As she gets closer you notice the small horns protruding from her head and her devilishly wicked smile. She walks right over to Grayos and sits in his lap. She flashes the rest of the table a smile and wraps her arm around Grayos’ neck. With her other hand she grabs Grayos’ drink and downs it in one gulp.)

Female Tiefling: Well sweetie aren’t you going to introduce me to your friends?

(She runs her hand along Graelen’s cheek)

Female Tiefling: My aren’t you a cutie?

(Vralwyn imagines himself returning to Valenar with the crown and assuming a place of greatness. It is a destiny worthy of him. He grins and nods to Krys until an image of his traitorous brother crosses his mind. His smiles fades as he recalls that those with power will not sit idly by and let him wrestle it from them. Does this woman want him to challenge the Valaes Tairn?)

Vralwyn (in Elvish): The Liryana’tani should return to the blood…

(Vralwyn recalls the oath he swore not to reveal Breland’s plan for the Ashen Crown.)
Vralwyn (in Elvish): …but the goblins who know where the pieces are have plans of their own for it. I had considered allying myself with them to find the pieces. I do not like the idea of betraying an alliance, even with filthy goblins. Do you have another idea?

(Krys continues to smile at Vralwryn)

Krya (in elvish_): _I think you should take the crown Vralwyn. Think of the glory? The honor you’d bestow upon your people by returning what is rightfully ours. Many clans would view it as a sign. Who cares what the goblins plans are for OUR artifact. Great men seize their destiny. I know you will do what is right when the time comes. I have faith in you.

(Krys smiles and pats Vralwyns cheek. She gets up from the table and kisses him lightly on the forehead. She gets up and heads over to the table of laughing elves)

Krys (in elven as she walks away): Take what is rightfully yours.

(Tor drink pours neatly down his neck and under his robe which seems to shuffle in displeasure as he gawks at the female tiefling that seemingly made herself at home on his lap.)

Tor: Um …hello? Grayos please introduce us.

Grayos: (ahem) Pardon me for my incredible rudeness. Gentlemen, this is Sorsha. She is an acquaintance of mine who aided me in some paperwork. She is quite the… Socialite_. _

Grayos (gesturing to each individual named): The one with the pointy teeth and extra sets of eyes is known as Tor, he’s always got an eye out for trouble. The strong and silent type is known as Graelen, though I’m quite positive, of late, that he is a mute. Mathas is the individual who has no pupils, and the last of our party, Vralwyn, is disposed of currently.

Grayos (levels his gaze back to SORSHA): To what do we owe the honor of this pleasantry?

(A loud fart erupts from the elven table and then a wave of the most noxious smelling gas washes over the bar. The elves at the table begin gagging and then they start pointing at the large elf and start laughing. The large elf clearly looks flustered he quickly gets up from his seat looks around and quickly leaves the bar, a brown stain clearly visible on the backside of his pants. The rest of the elves follow suit along with Krys. However she turns and waves and smiles at Vralwryn before leaving. Sorsha fans her hand in front of her nose)

Sorsha: What was that all about? Ah well. Nice to meet all you fine gentlemen. You sure do keep some fine company Grayos.

(Sorsha winks at Graelen)

Sorsha: The rumors of your discovery are flying around in all sorts of circles Grayos. Not even a week on the faculty and you’ve pulled a relic from the depths. Our mutual benefactor is very pleased with your progress.

(Sorsha flashes Grayos a mischievous smile)

Sorsha: She wanted to tell you that the sisters would be VERY interested in your discovery. Something along the lines of, the elves and goblins had their turn; now it’s ours. She said you’d understand.

(Sorsha rubs Grayos cheek)

Sorsha: What’s it take for a girl to get a drink around here?

(Grayos snickers at the “misfortune” of the elf and has a look of… Satisfaction. He then takes a glance at the bottle of wine they ordered and uses mage hand to bring it closer… And pours a glass for Sorsha, himself as well if there’s enough)

Grayos: I do indeed understand, or have come to understand over the past few days. So tell me, are there more details, or shall presume you are here to socialize? I am nothing if not accommodating in either light.

(Tor signals for the barmaid.)

Tor: I must say, we’ve barely been back a full day and it seems that everyone knows about our success. And to make things interesting, everyone wants something concerning this crown. The Captain, the elves …Grayos’ university. I’m sure that my own adornment would gain something as it’s been quite content since the discovery and the knowledge we’ve recently gained. Then there is Mathas who actually uses an item tied to it.

(Mathas grunts in understanding)

Mathas: I can’t say I like how freely information flows throughout Sharn.

(Grayos almost chokes on his wine)

Grayos: Good gracious. Mathas? Have you been there the whole time?

(Mathas takes a drink)

Mathas: Yes. Just watching faces rather than getting caught up in the conversation.

Tor:Smart Deva.
Grayos: Bah, there is no fun in merely watching, just safety.

Tor: Says the caster with the attractive tiefling firmly planted on his lap. Have you been making promises that might conflict with our current deals. Also, say the word Vralwyn and I’ll back you in this venture should you decide the crown goes to your people.

(Tor eyes the female tiefling)

Tor: And who are these “sisters” I’m hearing.

Mathas: I wouldn’t say that so loudly, were I you. If clothes can have eyes, apparently walls can have ears.

(Mathas smiles weakly)

(Grayos smirks)

Grayos: I’ve made quite a few promises to quite a few individuals, but nary a one directly opposes our current deals, elves, goblins, aliens, or otherwise. As for the sisters, well, they are ladies that I wish to be in their good graces, leadership that I… aspire to, one might say.

(Sorsha gets out of Grayos lap and smiles to the rest of the table)

Sorsha: Speaking of promises, I should get going, thanks for the drink. I look forward to future engagements.

(Sorsha leaves the inn her hips swaying)

Grayos (proclaims to the empty glass): Well, I suppose that answers THAT inquiry. It appears she merely wished to express greetings…

(Grayos watches her leave)

Grayos:…which really I really don’t mind. (ahem) So? Business to attend to?

(Tor watches Sorsha leave.)

Tor: What were we talking about?

Mathas: I must say even though I wasn’t expecting her, I rather enjoyed watching her leave.

(Mathas finishes his mug)

Grayos:Alright, lechers, do we actually have a course of action? Vralwyn, was that meeting productive with your elven compatriot? Was anything discussed that changes our current flow, or was this just social visit?

(Vralwyn takes a moment to gather his thoughts.)

Vralwyn: Krysthanthia encouraged me to take the Liryana’tani (the Ashen Crown) for the Valenar. I’m not certain what her ambitions are, but I doubt they are selfless. I admit the idea of claiming the Liryana’tani is appealing, but for all I know Krysthanthia and her band will attempt to take the crown for themselves. For certain Breland will not be happy to see their political machinations thwarted, but I owe them nothing. Ideally, I’d like to find the Liryana’tani on my own without promising it to either goblins or …

(Vralwyn looks at Grayos questionly.)

Vralwyn: Your new friends.

(Vralwyn smiles.)

Vralwyn: Was that you who shamed the big elf? Well-played if so.

(Mathas leans forward and whispers to the group)

Mathas: I must say, each time I hold this blade I am filled with the desire to seek out the other pieces of the crown. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. I agree with Vralwyn, I don’t feel comfortable with hunting an artifact for goblins, even though that seems to be the course we are on. If it belongs with the elves, then so be it, but I want to make sure WE decide where it goes and not have that dictated to us.

Tor: Then I suggest we put an end to this day and get started early.

(Mathas staring into his empty mug, Mathas nods)

Grayos: Aw, you poor lush. Do not fret deva, shall we get you a drink for the road? I’m still feeling rather… Mischievous.

Grayos: Or perhaps at the very least carry on our conversation in a more secure environment? Mayhap my domicile?

Tor: Are you sure? I would not want to get another visit from the “sisters”. Mathas is right, Sharn has eyes and ears on everything we do. We need to get moving away from such things.

Grayos: Ah, Tor, you would know if we were visited by the sisters. Sorsha is just as I said, an acquaintence who aided me in the past. I am, how can I say this, honor bound to at least listen to her? Not that it would take “honor” to sway to pay attention to Sorsha, but I imagine that something like honor, well, you can relate to, can you not?

Mathas: I believe the term is horny, Grayos. But no, Tor is right, the sooner we are out of here the better. News travels faster than it should here in Sharn.

(Mathas: stands and begins heading toward the door)

Grayos: Horny? Is that a tiefling joke? Have we reduced ourselves to jokes about race? Trust me though, I choose my words arduously, I am indeed feeling…

(Grayos uses mage hand to pull a chair our from someone about to sit down, then proceeds to use Ghost Sound to emulate a person at the back of the bar offer a free round for everyone, then prestidigitate to flavor a patron’s beer to something more akin to wagon-wheel grease.)

Grayos: Mischievous.

(Grayos follows Mathas to the door)

Grayos: Well, then let us be on our way to… Well, to our destination.

(As you are about to leave, a messenger page places a message on your table, and bows as he leaves. The message reads:

Grayos and companions,

I have been contacted by a member of the Areneal nobility. She would very much like to meet you tomorrow in my residence.

Proffessor Gydd Nephret)

Tor:…it never ends.

(Mathas sighs)

Mathas: I guess we are making a stop tomorrow morning to Gydd’s before leaving?

Grayos: Did we not just discuss the eyes and ears of Sharn, yet here we are opening messages in the tavern? No wonder people know our whereabouts. As I said, maybe we should be off to my apt?

(Mathas laughs)

(Tor sighs)

Tor: This whole ordeal is more exhausting than dealing with the kruthik swarms_._

Mathas: I agree, put a blade in my hand and point where to swing and I’m happy_._

(Vralwyn grabs the message and makes to leave.)

Vralwyn: I believe this is the origin of the phrase, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Let’s leave before the Tomb Explorer’s Guild asks for our assistance as well.

Red Dragon Tavern

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