Letter from Gydd

After another nights rest you are awoken by knocking on the door. Outside you can hear the crash of thunder and lightning. Another typical day in Sharn. Opening up the door is a human male student holding a scroll.

Student: Sorry to wake you sirs, Professor Nephret wanted me to deliver this message.

(The student hands the rolled scroll to Grayos, which bears the Morgrave university seal. Inside the message is a key. The student bows and leaves.)

The message reads:


I have made a terrible mistake, Lady Danae Ulyan is not who she claims. She could even be a threat to ones even as resourcful as you. I’m afraid for my own safety, so I’ll be leaving Sharn tomorrow if possible.

Before I go, I want you to have copies of all my notes. I’ll be spending the day preparing myself for my departure. Please meet me tonight at 8 bells at my apartment. We’ll talk more then.

The attached key is to a wall panel behind my beds headboard. I’ll keep what I mean for you to have there, until I see you again. Use the key if something goes wrong. If I haven’t seen you before I leave I will try and get the information to you somehow.

Gydd Nephret

(Tor gives a glance Vralywn)

Tor: I’ll bet you aren’t surprised by that?

(Vralwyn grins wickedly.)

Vralwyn: Now I wish I’d goaded Lady Danae more than I did. Perhaps she would have let something slip of her true intentions. Although I suspect she’s as cowardly as she seems. I wager she spent her gold hiring thugs to take the blade from us. She doesn’t seem the type to bother getting her own hands dirty.

Mathas: Perhaps we should go there now. There is urgency in the message. If it was written under duress, arriving at 8 may not be the best course of action.

Grayos: Not that I’ll be the one kicking in doors or am typically the one worried about rescuing damsels in distress, I shall leave that in the capable hands of ones such as… Well, anyone else in the party minus me. She is, however, an attractive lady and THAT is something one should never risk losing.

(Vralwyn considers what course of action is best.)

Vralwyn: It is possible that the reason Gydd wants us to wait until 8 bells is that she’s afraid to be around Danae’s most likely targets – us. We are the ones with the item she wants after all, not Gydd.

(Vralwyn shrugs.)

Vralwyn: Had she wanted our help it would have been easy enough to ask for it, but I have no problems visiting our scholar friend earlier than expected. If she was foolish enough to be duped by Danae once, perhaps it’s best to make sure our damsel is not currently in distress. She can always shoo us away if things are well.

Mathas: I don’t think it would hurt to go there and check on Gydd now.

Tor: I have to agree.

(Tor says getting in his morning stretch and then reaching for his battleaxe)

Grayos: To be fair, I’d wager that if the Lady Gydd wished to avoid us altogether, she would not suggest a meeting at all, much less one at night. However, if Danae has ascertained that Gydd has info on other priceless artifacts, she may hire goons to go relieve her of those notes in a less than courteous manner. To be honest, I can’t really pinpoint the exact reason, but can speculate many. I just simply think it couldn’t hurt to check on her.

(Tor gripped his axe and looked to each of his companions other than Grayos. Obvious Grayos’ words were many, but…)

Tor: Couldn’t you just agree with us?

(Tor opens the door)

Tor: I know I know…

(Tor says to no one in particular.)

(Grayos peers at Tor, a little perplexed)

Grayos: I… Did. I agreed that we should egress to her abode sooner rather than later. Was I not meticulous enough in my confirmation?

Mathas: Let’s go.

(Mathas’ walks out of the room)

Grayos: Very well

(Grayos waits expectantly)

Grayos: Seriously, I’m unable to lock the door while other individuals are still in here.

As you approach Gydds apartment you hear the crash of thunder from outside. Up ahead you can see that her door is slightly ajar. A flash of lightning briefly illuminates the hallway followed again by another boom of thunder

Mathas: We are too late! Tor, with me!

(Mathas pulls Tor with him as he rushes forward into the hallway.)

Tor: Hold on!

(Tor says pulling back on Mathas. He takes a deep breath and in spite of the rain and thunder he smells and listens for a hint of presence within the domicile).

(Mathas pauses momentarily)

Mathas: Anything?

(Tor can’t make out any sounds above that of the thunder and lightning but the door appears to have been kicked in and there is a faint yet strange smell emanating from the room. It smells like death)

(Mathas struggles against Tor’s grip)

Mathas: Tor! What are you waiting for!?

(Vralwyn checks the area for tracks leading to or away from Gydd’s place.)

There appears to be several sets of muddy tracks going into and out. All humanoid

(Tor rushes in)

(Mathas follows right behind Tor, eyes darting left and right as he enters the house)

The apartment is dark, with only the ambient light of the thundery day trickling through the windows. A flash of lightning briefly illuminates the room. The apartment is quiet but there appears to be signs of a struggle. One of the chairs in the sitting area is knocked over and papers lie strewn about the floor. The doesn’t appear to be any movement on first glance.


Thunder resonates from outside.

Danae, the elf women, emerges from a doorway across the room. She wears an ornate Aereni funery mask, her hair and eyes wild. Her form flickers.

Danae: Welcome. Thank you for coming. The professor can’t join us. She is with my mistress. But that needn’t concern you for long.

A flash of lightning illuminates the apartment again. A couple of creatures with wings stand on a balcony overlooking the room and prepare to swoop down on you.

Letter from Gydd

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