Kings Citadel Invitation

Kings Citadel Invitation

After leaving Gydds apartment and returning back to Grayos’ apartment you discover a letter had been shoved under the door. It is addressed to Grayos and companions, and sealed with the Brelish royal seal. It is a very formal letter informing you that you are to present yourself, by order of the Kings Citadel, to Captain Sir Kalaes tomorrow morning. By all markings it appears to be a completely legitimate document.

(With a quizzical look on Tor’s face)

Tor: An official writ? Brelish royal seal? Grealen, anything you want to share before we go tomorrow?

Mathas: Very interesting. It would definitely be a mistake to not appear as requested. The royalty is certainly not my first choice for an enemy.

(Vralwyn nods in agreement.)

Vralwn: I hope the topic is not that business in the saw mill, but given who’s asking I have a suspicion it is. Perhaps House Phiarlan has called in a royal favor.

(Vralwyn spits on the ground.)

Vralwyn: I may have to show these coddled city elves how a real warrior faces his enemies.

(Mathas’ eyes flash)

Mathas: If it comes to that, be assured that I have your back. I hope, however, that we are being summoned for something unrelated to the saw mill.

(Vralwyn grins.)

Vralwyn: There are worse deaths than fighting against impossible odds, but I would rather the cause be worthier than trying to escape the king’s justice. The way these city folk act I won’t be surprised if this is merely an attempt to enrich the coffers of Sharn with an “adventurer’s tax” or if the good captain wishes to press us into some service after our “success” with the kruthik.

(for the first time since joining the group Tor laughs to himself)

Tor: Gydd was right, we are a “moody” bunch. But I’m also sure that there is nothing …despite our differences.

(Tors eyes slide over to Mathas)

Tor: That we can’t overcome. However, we must remain cautious.

(Mathas’ expression suddenly goes blank as if focusing on something intently. A memory suddenly is triggered.)

Mathas: I’m sorry, I just remembered some things from before. Above all, beware the politics of Sharn. People always do have ulterior motives. We should be guarded against treachery. In any case, we should prepare for tomorrow. Shall we be getting back to the inn? I could do with some rest.

(Vralwyn nods at Tor.)

Vralwyn: It’s good to see you in better spirits Shifter and willing to cooperate. We are stronger as a pack than as individual wolves.

(Vralwyn nods at Mathas’ suggestion.)

Vralwyn: Rest sounds good, but may I suggest we stay at Grayos’ apartment? It ought to have fewer bed bugs than the local inn and hopefully fewer prying eyes and curiosity seekers. We do tend to stand out in a crowd.

Tor: I have been consumed with things I’ve been hearing…but since a certain satisfaction has been reached. I am feeling less pushed. In order for me to appease this artifact I wear we must see this through to the end. I will not fail you …any of you.

(Tor Looks at Mathas)

Tor: Despite what I hear. In the morn we will face this captain. Umm …which way to Grayos apartment, I’m exhausted.

Grayos: Bah, you worry too much. The king of Breland is old, faith in his heirs is waning. The royalty? Nay, I do not fear them so much. The puppet masters that sit behind them, those may merit some worry. Gentlemen, let’s reign in our volatility here. Don’t misinterpret me, I appreciate your fervor, and your aggression is… useful, but let’s not set ourselves of the mind that this is a detriment. Perhaps they wish to acknowledge our efforts in saving a poor mining/logging/farming village? Or indeed, perhaps they intend to attempt something more shady, but they certainly cannot do anything punitive without proof. As my mother used to say, let’s hope for the best, but expect the Nine Hells to come calling.

(The group follows Grayos back to his dorm for some rest)

Kings Citadel Invitation

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