Eberron Teaser:

(Screen fades to black)

(A deep booming voice echoes)


(Images begin to slowly appear on the screen)

Peasants work the fields in a small farming community.

A grand ballroom filled with well dressed nobles dancing to a light tune.

A dozen knights kneel before a young girl in a grand hall

(The voice booms again)

Your typical D&D campaign

The peasants begin fleeing towards the town as a horde of goblins swoops in on the village.

One of the nobles begins to spasm and collapse on the dance floor.

The knights raise their swords to the girl queen.

(The voice booms again)

I think not

(The images start appearing faster)

Huge towering castles reach into the sky like skyscrapers on the top of a cliff.

A troop of Halflings rides across the plains on the back of dinosaurs.

An elf leaving the elven court bows to a skeletal guard.

(The voice booms again)

This isn’t your fathers D&D

(The images begin appearing even faster)

A train racing along a track, leaving a trail of lightning in it’s wake, with several shadowy figures jumping from the top of one car to another

A huge galleon floating in the air is being attacked by two other smaller airborne ships. A figure can be seen swinging from the rigging of one ship to the other.

An army of humans and skeletons charges another army of humans and human like constructs. Off in the distance a mushroom cloud can be seen and the blast wave knocks them all prone.

(Screen fades to black)


(A few images flicker on the screen)

The face of a human man

The face of an elven female

The face of a feral Halfling

The face of a warforged

The face of a dour dwarf

The face of a screaming gnome as he falls to his death, just as he is about to hit the ground

(Screen fades to black)

(The voice booms)

*How will you leave your mark *

Eberron Online

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