Eberron Online


Brief Overview

1) You rescued an old man on the lightning rail, who was being mugged. They wanted a necklace he had stolen. Turns out he is a historian with a fascination for the dhakanni empire, by the name of Dr. Lazarus, particularly with a sect that had allied themselves with the daelkyr. He was working with a mysterious women who was funding his research and archeological digs. As time went on, he discovered that her intentions were not entirely academic. In an attempt to make amends for his bad decisions he tried to flee with the necklace running into you.

2) Dr. Lazarus is not sure what the necklace does, but suspects that it might be part of something greater, and convinced you to help find out more information. He sent you to Brekville to find the location of a Dhakaani temple, and bring back any secrets or items that may help unravel the mystery. You can contact him via a Sivis message station as he is in hiding in Wroat.

3) In Breckville, you discovered that the town was being harassed by kobolds, apparently disrupting the flow of trade into and out of the city. Attempts by the town guard to stop this had met with failure. An old magewright by the name of Caleb, requested your help in recovering some dragonshards that had been stolen.

4) You sniffed out the kobold lair, and defeated the beasts and tamed a wild bear an returned some of the towns goods including the bag of dragonshards. Caleb promised to create you something as a reward.

5) Back in town, someone hired some thugs to try and scare you out of town. After some investigation your sure it was a merchant by the name of Darius, who had just fled town recently. You’re also sure he had something to do with the kobolds. You discovered that he was an agent of the Emerald Claw. But where did he go? What was he up too?

6) You discovered the possible whereabouts of the temple. A trapper reported that strange creatures had set up camp outside of town near a place animals won’t venture. Once there you discovered a group of dolgrim and dolgaunts working for a gauth had just broken the seal on the temple.

7) Inside the temple you fought hoards of undead, necrotic oozes all while trying to keep your sanity. A mural at the entrance depicted a large group of beholders, mind flayers, and other strange creatures bowing down before a very human looking being perched upon stone thrown wearing strange armor. The goblin mentioned freeing someone by the name of “Belashyrra” and that he was amassing an army for him.

8) Upon defeating the goblin and closing the portal, the goblins robe made of sinew and flesh attached itself to Tor. You also discovered a large number of books, all written I’m ancient goblin or perhaps another language. Some have pictures, depicting strange experiments and dissections, and some appear to be like some sort of journal entries.

9) After leaving the temple Mathas continued to have dreams of a being beyond the portal, who eventually revealed himself to be Chemosh and promised to aid Mathas on his quest.

10) Upon returning to Breckville victorious, Caleb gave you two modified dragonshards granting the wearing minor fire protection, and you received a letter bearing the House Thrask seal, asking you to meet at the old lumber mill outside town about a possible job. There you were ambushed by Thrask soldiers, and discovered they were hired by someone by the name of “A. D’Pharlain”, requesting they recover her stolen property. After a brief questioning, you sent the lot of them through the blades.

11) You returned to Wroat, still not sure why emerald claw was in Breckville and Darius’ whereabouts unknown. In Wroat you had a conversation with Dr. Lazarus about the temple, the necklace and Tor’s new friend. He was interested in every detail. Wishing he could have been there himself to see it. He plans to study the journals and documents that you brought him but it will take some time and he’ll need the help of a friend of his in Sharn named Olakki, in addition to a map and some other documents in his old residence in Shava House at Morgrave University. He is unsure what the necklace does and is not sure what his old benefactor is up to but suspects it is not good.

12) You head to Sharn, the City of Towers, and there you recover the map and talk to Olakki. Olakki agrees to help you if you help him out, it seems a swarm of kruthiks has descended upon the depths. You decide to help him out and he agrees to head to Wroat and meet with his old friend.

13) While snuffing out Kruthiks, you discover an old goblin burial chamber that someone recently rediscovered. There appeared to be a struggle with the Kruthiks being the victors. After working your way through the burial chamber, through deadly traps and many undead threats you had a final showdown with Ashurta. Here you defeated the undead guardian, who in defeat handed his blade to Mathas. During your adventure here Mathas definitely changed, as a result with his interaction with Chemosh.

14) After returning victorius from Ashurta’s resting place, blade in hand and Kruthiks defeated, Olakki said he would head to Wroat after making arrangements (assume he’s gone to Wroat now). He directed you to see a professor at Morgrave University named Gydd Nephret, to find out about the blade and the Ashen Crown.

15) Meeting with Gydd you discover that the Ashen Crown was lost about 5000 years ago, and that it was originally an elven artifact known as Liryana’tani, created by the Vales Tairn elves from 4 magic items. When the goblins drove the elves back to Aerneal they recovered the artifact and modified it by added a 5th piece, Ashurta’s Blade. The goblins refer to the crown as Arkantash. The five pieces of the crown are named for the last goblins to bear those pieces. The five crown pieces are thus:

Ashurta’s Blade (A shapeable Byshek blade which is the front ornament of the crown)
Karruuk’s Circlet (A magical circlet that forms the base of the crown)
Lurataan’s Cord (A magical belt that ties the crown together)
Murkoorak’s Orb (A magical orb that ornaments the crown)
Zaarani’s Solitare (A magical gem that ornaments the crown)

16) The King’s Citadel (Think Brelish FBI) requested your presence. Here Captain Kalaes wants you to help out the Brelish government unofficially. They know that a group of goblins known as the Wordbearers are searching for Arkantash in an attempt to claim rulership of Darguun. Breland unofficially supports the wordbears claim to the crown as they are less aggressive than the current Haruuc and other factions attempting to wrest control of that region. Kalaes wants you to help the goblins recover the crown and then leave the crown with them. But he does not want them to know Breland supports them. Another group of hobgoblins known as the Bladebearers (a much more violent and aggressive faction) is also trying to find the crown as well. You reluctantly agree to help after much brooding and gnashing. He informs you that he has an agent on the inside. A changeling by the name of Tikulti, he says she will help you in any way that she can without revealing her true nature.

17) A group of Valenar elves led by a female by the name of Krysthanthia, suggests the Vralwyn claim the crown for himself and Valenar. She believes it belongs to the elves. Also a tiefling female by the name of Sorsha, visits Grayos and mentions a mutal benefactor and that the sisters would be interested in his new discovery. Something along the lines the elves and goblins had their turn, now it’s ours.

18) Gydd informs you that she is in contact with someone that wants to meet you. You meet with Gydd and her new friend Danae an Aerenal elf, who wishes to buy the sword from you. You refuse. Vralwyn insults her many, many, many times. Danae leaves and Gydd is puzzled by the entire interaction.

19) You receive a message the next day from Gydd requesting a meeting with you later that evening. It sounds foreboding. You decide to head there right away. Waiting for you at Gydd’s is what at first appears to be Danae but instead is some undead abomination meant to look like Danae. The undead try there best to defeat you but fail. For now Vralwyn’s tongue is safe. It looks like Gydd has been kidnapped but you find out some more information about the crown and a note from Gydd that says:

Danae is Demise. Why Emerald Claw?

20) You meet with Kalaes as you prepare to leave Sharn. He tells you that he heard word from Tikulti and that there group was attacked by a group of undead apparently under the order of an emerald claw agent by the name of Demise. You leave Sharn and head to Ardev by Airship, and then plan to make an arduous trek overland to Six Kings.

21) The travel is long and tiring. On the second day you run into a group of emerald claw scouts questioning a goblin prisoner. You rescue the goblin, but he is not very talkative and just wants to leave. You know he’s a wordbearer and you INSIST that you escort him. He complies. On the fourth day you come across a Minotaur and a Gnoll that demand you pay 100 gp to pass their toll. Grayos and Graelen attempt to negotiate, Mathas tires of this and charges. Foolish Droamites underestimated the might of your group.

22) Arriving at Six Kings, after a tense meeting with Yeraa and her band of wordbearers, you agree to help each other out recover the rest of the pieces of the crown. They head off in search of one portion in a different part of six kings and you head off in another where you rescue a Dolgrim being attacked by forgotten spirits of this place. The Dolgrim agrees to escort you to his leader.

23) The Dolgrim claims to his leader that Tor is the chosen one, the dolgaunt leader scoffs and challenges Tor to a duel. Tor accepts and the dolgaunt chooses his champion a large Dolgarr barbarian. Tor defeats the challenger in single combat, but the dolgaunt decides he should be master of the coat of eyes and the rest of the group attacks the party. The original Dolgrim fights by Tor’s side. After the combat the Dolgrim leaves claiming he is off to spread the word.

24) Resting in six kings you all ponder a moment from your past. Perhaps it was the history of this place trying to remind you of where you came from.

25) Working your way through the strange denizens of six kings you find yourself at a strange pool guarded by strange aberrations. The pool roils and glows strangely, the fight with the creatures is fast and fierce, but something strange happens when Grayos reaches into the pool to grab the orb you had been searching for. An image begins to appear in the pool of one of Mathas’ past lives and as the story unfolds you feel yourself pulled into the dream.

26) Chaos booms around you as you try to get your bearings, it seems that you are reliving the final day of the house of Vol. You all seem to remember who you are, except for Mathas, who truly believes he is Malas and is on the way to rescue his love Chrysiana. Many obstacles block your way, including a Dracolich and a room filled with giant statues.

27) You find Errandis d’Vol with her mother and captain of the guard along with Chrysiana. During the ensuing brawl Malas discovers that his love has been turned into a creature of undeath. Malas flies into a rage and strikes Erandis down with a vicious killing blow. Erandis’ mother laughs and the captain of the guard changes form into that of a colossal green dragon, one of the council members who pushed for the mission. Before being destroyed you discover that Malas was the final piece in the ritual to turn Erandis d’Vol into a lich. The dream felt so real, that after awakening from it a part of the past life that you lived stayed with you.

28) You met up with Yerra and her band, and head off to Graywall to recover the last piece of the crown, which you discover to be underneath the city. After creating a clever ruse in the marketplace in Graywall, Yerra and her troop went down in search of the final piece while you stayed above and kept the locals unaware of your unauthorized plundering. Although the group discovers the last piece, Tikulti turns out to be a double agent and slaughters the goblins and takes their pieces of the crown, and escapes, but you discover his treachery too late.

29) You receive a message from Demise on the sending stone Yerra had given you earlier telling you to meet her in the place where you found the blade so that you may trade the rest of the pieces of the crown for the elven historian Gydd.

30) Arriving back in Ashurta’s tomb you defeat Tikulti, Demise and Gydd (who had been killed and reanimated). Arriving only moments too late is Captain Kalaes and his retinue and after a tense conversation about whether you were traitors or not, Grayos performs a ritual to make the crown whole again. You all agree to give Vralwyn the crown. And when Mathas regains consciousness once again he seems to have changed.

31) Enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation, Grayos begins teaching at the University and you all have several weeks to recover from your ordeal. You receive a message bearing an official Brelish seal requesting you meet for a drink down in the cogs to discuss some business. Vralwyn and Grayos also received letters.

32) The man in the Cogs was a member of the dark lanterns and wanted you to eliminate a faction of emerald claw causing problems. They are operating out of a butcher shop in a lower district. After dispatching the claw hideout you discover an assassination plot set to take place tomorrow at a party being hosted by the Crown Prince of Breland. You bring it to the attention of your contact. (This is where we are at)

What you know:

Dhakanni Empire: over 5000 years ago the continent of Eberron was ruled by the Dhakkani goblins. It is thought there demise was brought about by the invasion of the Daelkyr powerful beings from Xoriat (Far Realm).

Emerald Claw: was once an elite unit of the Karnathi nation, but now opperates independantly of Karnathi and seems to be found all throughout Khovaire there ultimate goals are unknown, but where the claw is bad things tend to follow. They are linked to the blood of Vol.

Ashen Crown (A.K.A Arkantaash, A.K.A. Liryana’tani) – Artifact that can be broken down into 5 magic items. Each item possesses magical properties.

Wordbearers: A faction of goblins seeking the crown in attempt to gain rulership of Darguun. Supported unofficially by the Brelish government.

Bladebearers: A faction of violent and aggressive goblins seeking the same as the wordbearers.

Unanswers Questions:

What is the necklace for?
Where is Darius? What was he up too? What is the Emerald Claw up to in Breckville?
Who was at the temple?
Who is the woman that wanted the necklace? Why does she want it? A. D’Phiarlain?
Who is Chemosh? Why does he want to help Mathas? Who are his children?
What does Krysanthia want from Vralwyn?

So here is an overview and some info. Helpful?


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